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Examples of Project Topics


Examples of Project Topics include the following:

  • Conduct a user assessment of neighborhood sidewalks in East Knoxville to identify health and socio-economic impacts associated with walkability for low income neighborhoods.
  • Engage students in structured mentoring, tutoring, and enrichment activities with youth from the University Assisted Community Schools program as they examine structural factors associated with educational disparities and the role of community support systems in advancing achievement.
  • Examine the availability of broadband across the region, identify barriers to broadband access in underserved areas, and examine feasibilities and barriers associated with the most common market-based and alternative approaches to broadband expansion.
  • Examine motivations and incentive systems to promote native plant landscaping in residential and commercial landscapes, and develop a set of recommendations for planning professionals, developers, and the public based on findings.
  • Evaluate the primary factors contributing to homelessness and housing insecurity in East Tennessee and partner with community organizations in the region to create a campaign to raise awareness about these factors.
  • Develop a proposal for a product, process, or service that could contribute to quality of life or environment in the local or state community, and explore the feasibility and implications of implementing the proposal.