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Engaged Service

The key factor that distinguishes engaged community service (a.k.a. public service) is that university employees utilize their academic expertise to jointly solve problems faced by members of the community. There should be collaboration between the faculty member and the community; the agenda should be set collaboratively and be mutually beneficial.

Examples of engaged community service Include:

  • Collaborate with the public to create an architectural design for a public space (College of Architecture and Design).
  • Serve on a multidisciplinary faculty team to assist schools with low performing achievement scores (College of Education, Health, and Human Sciences).

Faculty members from many colleges serve as an expert on a policy board and draw on one’s expertise to shape public policy in other ways. This policy expertise can also translate as examples of engaged service.

Engaged service can be translated to engaged scholarship if, for example, a faculty member submits the results for publication or exhibition or presentation, then the scholarship of service is exemplified.