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Call for Manuscripts: Science Communication and Broad Societal Change

The international journal Science Communication: Linking Theory and Practice is seeking papers for a special issue on Science Communication and Broad Societal Change. Find out more here.

Increasingly, government funding for scientific research requires that research to have a broad societal impact. Researchers often propose to achieve this impact at least in part through public communication, assuming that engaging the public in science is a worthwhile end in itself or will necessarily serve to raise knowledge levels and change attitudes. Most also seem to assume that communication can play a key role in bolstering the societal impact of the scientific enterprise. Yet, are these assumptions justified?

Papers are welcome from a variety of perspectives and from a wide range in terms of analytical scope, from focused case studies to the analysis of national and global trends.

To successfully pass peer review, all research article submissions to the journal must present findings that are both theoretically informed and empirically demonstrated. Potential contributors are encouraged to consider using approaches such as case study research, meta-analysis of evaluative data, and historical or ethnographic approaches, as well as experiments, surveys, and other common social science methods. Both quantitative and qualitative work is welcome.

Find out more here.

Submissions deadline is November 1, 2016.