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New Opportunities and Funding: July 28, 2016

Closing August 15: The AAAS Award for Public Engagement with Science

The AAAS Award for Public Engagement with Science recognizes scientists and engineers who make outstanding contributions to the “popularization of science.” The recipient receives a monetary prize of $5,000, a commemorative plaque, complimentary registration, and reimbursement for reasonable travel and hotel expenses to attend the AAAS Annual Meeting to receive the prize. Nomination Deadline: August 15th

Closing October 15: AAAS Early Career Award for Public Engagement with Science

A second AAAS award recognizes early-career scientists and engineers who demonstrate excellence in public engagement with science activities. The award also includes a monetary prize, plaque, complimentary meeting registration, hotel and travel expenses. Deadline: October 15, 2016

Last Chance – Required Workshop for Knoxville Neighborhood Grants

Knoxville’s Neighborhood Small Grants Program (NSGP) is designed to strengthen the city’s neighborhoods through a wide range of community-based initiatives, grants and technical assistance. If you missed the July workshops and wish to apply for a 2017 grant, you must send a representative to the make-up workshop at 5:30 p.m. Wednesday, August 3, in the City County Building.

Grant Proposals are due Aug. 29, 2016

Abelard Foundation-East: Grants for Community Organizing

Abelard East focuses its grantmaking on projects operating east of the Mississippi River. The average grant size is $10,000. Grants are approved for one year, but may be considered for up to two additional years. Successful applications satisfy criteria in three areas.

Strategy: Fundamental to the grantees of Abelard East is the strategy of community organizing as they work toward the goal of a more democratic, just and equitable society. While organizations may engage in other complementary strategies, e.g. advocacy, electoral participation, research, etc., the strategies are employed as a complement to the core focus on organizing.

Issues: Abelard East is committed to supporting local progressive social change activities that expand and protect civil liberties and civil and human rights, and promote and strengthen community involvement in, and control over, the decisions that affect their lives. The foundation does not focus on any issues in particular, e.g. housing, health, the environment, or education, etc. Our grantees are involved in a broad range of issues which involve the question of civil and human rights.

Constituencies: The constituents of Abelard East’s grantees are poor and low-income people seeking to affirm their civil or human rights. These include, among others, the disenfranchised, immigrants, workers, people of color, the disabled, etc.

Applications mailed by September 15th will be reviewed for the fall meeting.

Whole Kids Foundation: $2K Children’s Garden Grants

The School Garden Grant program supports an edible educational garden on the grounds of a K-12 school. Schools, or a non-profit organization working in partnership with a school, may apply.

The Extended Learning Garden Grant supports a non-profit children’s programming organization, working with children ages K–12, to support an edible educational garden.

Application deadline for both grants: Oct 31, 2015