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New Opportunities and Funding: May 10, 2016


Call for Proposals and Registration: The Scholarship of Engagement International Conference

This international conference will be held at the Dublin Institute of Technology in Ireland from September 8 – 9, 2016. The theme is the nature, purpose, and practice of engagement between higher education and all sectors of society:

  • Inside and outside the curriculum,
  • All sectors: civic, community, industry, employers, cultural, creative and society as a whole
  • Geographies: from local to international

This conference will bring together higher education practitioners with academic, administrative and leadership roles related to engagement between Higher Education and the full range of societal partners, along with representatives of societal partners, to exchange practice and to imagine the future. Abstracts for presentations and workshops are now being accepted. The deadline for abstracts is May 25, 2016.

Grants for Better Health & Well-Being at the Community Level

In order to introduce more community practitioners to the potential behavioral science has to strengthen their work, ideas42 is currently soliciting applications from groups or organizations that are: tackling challenging problems in community health and well-being and interested in learning how to use behavioral science in their work. Behavioral science provides a deeper look at how people make decisions and act (or don’t), and can be used to develop better solutions to social problems like community health. Interested communities should designate an organization or consortium of organizations to submit the application on their behalf. Selected applicants will be invited to attend an intensive workshop on applying behavioral science to community health and well-being. The deadline for applications is June 17, 2016.

Lyle Spencer Research Awards: Advancing Understanding of Education Practice and Its Improvement

With these awards, the Spencer Foundation aims to support intellectually ambitious, large-scale education research projects with budgets between $100,000 and $1,000,000. This program encourages proposals initiated by scholars across a variety of disciplines and fields in an effort to create much-needed space for creative and ambitious research projects that promise to advance our understanding of educational practice and its improvement. The Foundation suggests that a significant share of the successful proposals it will fund under this initiative will fall into one of three broad categories: 1). Instructional practice, 2). Educational infrastructure, and 3). Research infrastructure. The deadline for letters of intent is July 12, 2016.

Rural Health and Safety Education Competitive Grants Program

The RHSE program supports quality of life in rural communities across the United States by addressing the relationship between rural prosperity and rural health and safety in the context of food, agriculture, natural resources and human sciences. The RHSE program proposals are expected to be health education projects that provide individuals and families living in rural areas with:

  • Information as to the value of good health at any age;
  • Information to increase individual or family’s motivation to take more responsibility for their own health;
  • Information regarding rural environmental health issues that directly impact on human health;
  • Information about and access to health promotion and educational activities; and
  • Training for volunteers and health services providers concerning health promotion and health care services for individuals and families in cooperation with state, local and community partners.

The program expects to make 4 awards not exceeding $350,000 each. The deadline for applications is June 1, 2016.

Refugee Agricultural Partnership Program

The Office of Refugee Resettlement, within the Administration for Children and Families, invites entities to submit competitive grant applications for projects under the Refugee Agricultural Partnership Program (RAPP). Organizations funded under RAPP implement strategies that encourage the development of agricultural and food systems related services that will improve the livelihoods, physically and economically, of refugee families. These strategies work to provide sustainable and/or supplemental income, improved access to healthy foods and better nutrition, psychosocial development, and enhanced integration into communities by refugee families. Program requirements include: 1) Access to land; 2) Training and Technical Assistance; and 3) Farming Production. Grants will be in amounts between $50,000 and $100,000. The deadline for applications is July 6, 2016.

Eugene S. Pulliam First Amendment Award

The Sigma Delta Chi Foundation presents the Eugene S. Pulliam First Amendment Award to honor a person or persons who have fought to protect and preserve one or more of the rights guaranteed by the First Amendment. The Foundation will honor an individual, group of individuals or organization with a $10,000 cash award and an engraved crystal. Honorees do not have to be journalists. In fact, the Foundation encourages recognition of those outside the journalism profession for their First Amendment efforts and initiatives, such as, but not limited to, public officials, members of the legal profession, scholars, educators, librarians, students and ordinary citizens. The deadline for nominations is June 22, 2016.

Call for Proposals: Knoxville’s Alliance for Better Nonprofits 2016 Conference

The Alliance for Better Nonprofits is accepting workshop proposals for its 1st Annual Nonprofit Staff Conference. The all-day conference will be held on October 4, 2016. The intention is to engage interested nonprofit experts with the experience and passion to initiate engagement and excellence in nonprofit staff and their organizations. The deadline for proposals is June 21, 2016.