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A New Learning Management System for Social Work Professionals

Elizabeth DeGeorge, director of communication for the College of Social Work, received a Community Engagement Incentive Grant for her project, Learning Management System Marketing and Training for Online Continuing Education.

DeGeorge worked with the Social Work Office of Research and Public Service (SWORPS) to create a supportive help system to assist the over 1,700 registered users of the College of Social Work Learning Management System. The system engages people from across the state and nation in their Learning Management System, which is used for continuing education for social workers and related professions.

Elizabeth DeGeorge

Elizabeth DeGeorge

“With so many users accessing this system from across the state and nation, it was necessary to have a well-developed user help system to assist in answering questions and using the course material and assessments,” said DeGeorge.

Social workers aim to improve the lives of those who have been disadvantaged by poverty, mental and physical illness, disability, and social injustice.

“A number of the trainings enable social workers and educators in the field to meet requirements for continuing education from their employers,” DeGeorge said.

The continuing education program collects feedback from its users with an evaluation on the courses, content and presentation style. The SWORPS service center is gathering that data and using it to make adjustments to the design of future courses.

“The CSW LMS makes continuing education available to social workers and others who are serving our state and nation,” said DeGeorge. “It seeks to support the efforts of those who are working to improve the quality of life and subjective well-being of individuals, families, couples, and communities. This year we have expanded the offerings of the system to include courses for a Post-graduate Veterinary Social Work Certificate Program, a cross-discipline effort supported by the College of Social Work and the College of Veterinary Medicine.”

Just as social work strives to support the needs of the community the CSW LMS continuing education supports those in the field; and to do that fully and effectively, DeGeorge added support for the users of the CSW Learning Management System.