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Call for Chapter Proposals: Handbook of Service-Learning for Social Justice

An upcoming Handbook of Service-Learning for Social Justice will provide a global guide for practitioners, researchers, and others who wish to engage in non-oppressive community engagement and CSL. Rather than a typical edited volume focusing specifically on contributors’ individual research, the Handbook will be compiled in an encyclopedic format, covering themes, history, and broad contexts of social justice service-learning as they relate to the contributors’ expertise and research. This will inevitably entail sometimes conflicting ideologies and ideas, and encompass a range of nuanced discussions and debates surrounding critical social justice issues in service-learning, both locally and internationally. Included in the Handbook will be themes related to power and privilege, anti-colonialism, indigeneity, conflict, resistance, interdisciplinarity, global issues, citizenship, and more.

One of the editors’ key concerns is that scholars of color are underrepresented in academia as a whole, and in service-learning literature more specifically, as White scholars carry unearned privilege and have fewer systemic barriers with which to contend. In response to this, this call for proposals is seeking two areas for chapter proposals:

1)    Proposals that can speak to – and are rooted in – Indigenous perspectives and critiques of service-learning

2)    Proposals that can speak to – and are rooted in – Non-White scholarship in and critiques of service-learning

Chapter proposals of 250 words are due November 26, 2015.

Completed chapters will be approximately 8000 words, in APA style.

 If you have questions, proposal ideas outside of our CFP, or require further information, please contact the Editor, Dr. Darren Lund and cc the Project Manager, Kari Grain