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2015 Pot of Gold Collaborative Grant Opportunity

ecMdnyjeiThe “Pot of Gold” is a joint funding initiative, launched last year by UT, Knoxville (UTK); The Graduate School of Medicine (GSM) and the Institute for Agriculture (UTIA).  One-year grants of $10,000 each will be made in support of three projects involving combinations of faculty members from UTK, GSM, and/or UTIA.  Each proposed project should desribe preliminary, unfunded work, with a strong potential of eventually attracting significant extramural funding. The grant period runs from November 1, 2015 through October 31, 2016 with the possibility of a 6-month extension.  IACUC and/or IRB approval is not required at the time of application.  However, approval (when appropriate) will be required prior to the release of funds.  See full details, below.  Applications are due October 1, 2015.

Collaborative Grant Program
Purpose: To foster collaborative research among the GSM, UTK, UTIA


1. The grant is for preliminary work and cannot overlap with something already funded.

2. The grant must have one faculty member from at least two of the following campuses: UTK, GSM, UTIA, but can have more than two PI’s.

3. There will be 3 awards given

i. UTK and GSM collaboration $10,000
ii. UTK and UTIA collaboration $10,000
iii. UTIA and GSM collaboration $10,000
iv. or a collaboration among all three of the organizations

4. Each faculty member may be collaborating on only one funded project.

5. Each application must have a letter of support from all PI’s.

6. Funding will be for supplies and student positions. No other salaries, rent, F&A, travel, publication cost or capital equipment will be funded.

7. The grant will be for a one year term with a possible 6 month extension. A request for extension will be evaluated by the Grant committee prior to November 1st 2016.

8. The grant timeline will be as follows-

i. Application due: October 1st, 2015
ii. Start date: November 1st, 2015
iii. End date: October 31st, 2016
iv. Report due: November 30th, 2016

9. Research should be applied and a have a clear path toward larger scale funding.

10. If applicable, the research proposal should have IACUC or IRB approval pending; distribution of the funds will be predicated on IACUC or IRB approval, as appropriate.

11. The application should be a two page narrative including:

a. Background
b. Aims
c. Methods
d. Significance
e. Feasibility and how this would lead to future and sustained collaborations

12. A third page may be added for supportive information such as diagrams, figures, etc.

13. Each PI should include a 2 page bio sketch


All proposals should be submitted to Kristen Vandergriff