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Making a Difference: Veterinary Externship Program

The Mission

The summer semester Veterinary Externship Program provides sophomore veterinary students and fifth semester professional students an opportunity to work directly with private veterinary practitioners. Students observe the professional work environment and learn to appreciate professional dedication and skills, in addition to attaining hands-on experience in primary care veterinary medicine. The program is also aimed to give our community veterinarians an opportunity to enhance their veterinary knowledge through interaction with the college and our students. This program started in 2013 and involves three to four faculty members and 15 students.

The Partners

Web-Optimized-Vet1Community partners for the Veterinary Externship program include 13 private veterinary practices in East Tennessee. University of Tennessee, Knoxville partners include the College of Veterinary Medicine.

Impact on UT

The Veterinary Externship Program provides early real-world learning experience for veterinary student education, providing the context for subsequent classroom work. The externship enhances professional communication, technical, and clinical skills prior to capstone senior-year experience in the Veterinary Medical Center. The program strengthens personal and institutional relationships between community practitioners, the college, and the Veterinary Medical Center to promote better student access to employment opportunities after successful completion of the professional curriculum.

Impact on Community

The Veterinary Externship Program produces well-rounded graduate veterinarians who then enter the practice within the community. The private veterinarians participating in the program enable the development of competent, new professionals entering the workforce. Private practitioners also expand their own professional education development, and frequently become adjunct faculty in the College of Veterinary Medicine.

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