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Program Evaluation: Virtual Summer School, July 21-24

Summer program evaluation webinarNAEPSDP/Southern Region PSD-PLN Extension Evaluation Virtual Summer School Program Schedule

July 21-24, 2015
11 am-Noon, Knoxville Time


Tuesday, July 21st

Session Title: Oh, What a Tangled Web…inar We Weave!

Presenters: Mary Poling and Dr. Julie Robinson

 Session Description:

This session will look at the intricacies and continuous development of best practices for webinars and blended courses based on user feedback, instructor experiences, and evaluation results.

Participants will learn:

  • best practices for hosting a webinar.
  • best practices for conducting a webinar.
  • best practices for delivering a blended course.

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Wednesday, July 22nd

Session Title: The Art and Science of Environmental Scanning: Staying Real During Rapid Change

Presenters: Dr. Nancy Franz and Dr. Karen Ballard

 Session Description:

This session examines trends and disruptive technologies that currently exist and/or are on the horizon for Extension. To plan responsively in this environment, Extension workers must anticipate these new developments. This session will engage participants in exploring strategies and methods Extension may need to adopt to insure relevance and support from stakeholders. Participants will be invited to participate in the discussion to stimulate actions supporting the future of Extension.

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Thursday, July 23rd

Session Title: When Is a Program Ready for Replication and Rigorous Evaluation?

Presenters: Dr. Donna J. Peterson and Dr. Laura H. Downey

Session Description:

This session will explain the Systematic Screening and Assessment Method (SSA; Leviton, Khan, & Dawkins, 2010) and how it can be applied to Extension programs. SSA includes environmental scanning methodology as well as evaluability assessment. Participants will:

  • Learn the step-by-step process of conducting an environmental scan and evaluability assessment
  • Understand criteria used in an evaluability assessment
  • Be asked to apply the evaluability assessment method to a program of their own

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Friday, July 24th

Session Title: Evaluation of Social Media Platforms for Extension Outreach and Education

Presenter: Amy Cole

Session Description:

This session will address identifying “if” and/or “what” social media tools may assist with effective Extension outreach and education of target audiences. Participants will learn what research reflects regarding audience demographics for key social media sites and the implications for Extension educators. Strategies and successful current practices from multiple organizations will be shared to assist participants in identification of effective social media methods that can be replicated.

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