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New Funding Opportunities for June 18, 2015

Chef demonstrating curriculumFood and Farm Communications Fund: Grants for Informative Media Campaign

The Food and Farm Communications Fund believes that funders need to facilitate strategic communications for transformative policy change that will educate the public in Sustainable Food and Agriculture. They are offering grants totaling $349,000 in support of media movements that better facilitate understanding sustainable food; media and advertising training for farmers; and the creation of related television, online news and documentary programming. Letter of Inquiry deadline is July 1, 2015.

Center for Research & Policy Analysis Offering Legal Education Diversity Grants

The Center for Research & Policy Analysis, with the support of Access Group, is offering up to $125,000 for proposals that address legal education to minority students. The Legal Education Diversity Pipeline Grant Program is open to students from diverse backgrounds, specifically historically underrepresented minority students and students from economically disadvantaged backgrounds. Proposals must seek to improve access to legal education to underrepresented student populations and display a collaborative approach and strong partnerships with other organizations to achieve the goal of enhancing access to legal education for students from diverse backgrounds. Application deadline is July 3, 2015. 

UT Faculty Scholarships for Engagement Scholarship Consortium Conference

UT’s Academic Outreach and Engagement Council (AOEC) has travel funds available for faculty to attend the Engagement Scholarship Consortium Conference on September 29-30, 2015 at Penn State University.  Please submit an email request to Paula Williams, Chair of the Scholarship and Awards Committee for the Council, at  Include reasons for your interest in attending the conference and outcomes proposed as a result of your attendance. Membership on the AOEC during the 2014-2015 Academic Year is requested upon receipt of the funds.  Applications due by Friday, July 10, 2015

UT Research Foundation: Call for $5,000 Wheeley Award Nominations

The University of Tennessee Research Foundation is pleased to announce that nominations for the B. Otto and Kathleen Wheeley award for excellence in technology transfer are now being accepted. There will be a $5,000 award given in 2015. Recent winners include Gabor Tigyi, Tami Wyatt, J. Douglas Birdwell, Tsewei Wang, and Dr. Edward Chaum. The Deadline for Nominations is July 15. 2015.

Open Space Institute Accepting Proposals for Landscape Projects in the American Southeast

The Southeast Resilient Landscapes Fund provides capital grants and loans to land protection projects within three selected regions of the southeast. OSI has selected three focus areas: the Southern Cumberlands in Alabama, Georgia and Tennessee; the Southern Blue Ridge in North Carolina, South Carolina and Tennessee; and the Greater Pee Dee River in South Carolina and North Carolina. Awards are typically between $100,000 and $400,000. Submission deadline is July 21, 2015.

Bringing Theory to Practice requests proposals in the following two categories for its 2015-2017 funding cycle

Category I: Well-Being Seminar Grants
Well-Being Seminar Grants up to $1,000 to provide support for campus-wide planning discussions (seminars) that give focused attention to a particular dimension of the well-being of those involved (students, faculty, or other leaders) in creating and maintaining an engaged culture for learning. Seminars should deepen participants’ understanding of the institution’s commitment to whole-person development and the learning-related policies and practices, both inside and outside the curriculum, that support such endeavors. Deadline September 15, 2015.

Category II: Well-Being Research Project Grants
Well-Being Research Project Grants up to $10,000, plus institutional matching, to implement and assess a campus-based two-year research project that gives focused attention to the well-being of students, particularly those traditionally underserved by higher education. Projects should, through the gathering of evidence, provide justification for best practices for deepening and sustaining the institution’s commitment to whole-person development. Deadline August 1, 2015.

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Russell Sage Foundation Grants

Newest RSF Program: Race, Ethnicity, and Immigration Grants

The Foundation’s newest program on Race, Ethnicity, and Immigration, replaces two previous programsImmigrationand Cultural Contact. Insights gained from these two long-standing programs inform the genesis of the new program on Race, Ethnicity, and Immigration. The new program encourages multi-disciplinary perspectives on questions stemming from the significant changes in the racial, ethnic, and immigrant-origin composition of the U.S. population. A primary goal is to find ways in which researchers from different social science traditions studying issues of race, ethnicity, and immigration may complement one another in productive and innovative ways. We continue to encourage multi-disciplinary perspectives and methods that both strengthen the data, theory, and methods of social science research and foster an understanding of how we might better achieve the American ideals of a pluralist society. The Russell Sage Foundation (RSF) seeks investigator-initiated research proposals on the social, economic, and political effects of the changing racial and ethnic composition of the U.S. population, including the transformation of communities and ideas about what it means to be American. We are especially interested in research that examines the roles of race, ethnicity, nativity, and legal status on outcomes for immigrants, U.S.-born racial and ethnic minorities, and native-born whites.  For Funding Decision in February 2016: Deadline to submit Letters of Inquiry is September 14, 2015.  Invited Proposal Deadline is November 13, 2015.

RSF: Future of Work Research Project Grants

The Future of Work program examines the causes and consequences of the deteriorating quality of low-wage jobs in the United States. Projects sponsored by the program have examined a wide range of causal factors, from foreign outsourcing and immigration to the decline of unions and technological change, that may have depressed wages of low-education workers. Current research under this program includes a new investigation to re-assess how minimum wage increases affect employment and the broader labor market; a new study of the extent of offshoring of production by U.S. firms and its impact on the economy; and a project that examines the role of job search behaviors on the employment and wage outcomes of women and minorities in the post-recessionary U.S. labor market, among others. For Funding Decision in February 2016: Deadline to submit Letters of Inquiry is September 14, 2015.  Invited Proposal Deadline is November 13, 2015.

RSF: Social Inequality Program Grants

Since 2001, the Foundation’s Social Inequality program has examined the social and political consequences of rising economic inequality. The program has investigated a variety of areas of social life, from education and health care to intergenerational mobility, to determine whether the increasing financial gap between the rich and poor has also exacerbated social inequalities of the kind that amplify and entrench economic differences. Recently, the program has turned to in-depth examinations of two key institutions the United States relies on to counteract market-driven inequality: public education and the democratic electoral system.  For Funding Decision in February 2016: Deadline to submit inquiries is September 14, 2015. Invited Proposal Deadline is November 13, 2015.

RSF: Behavioral Economics Grants

The Foundation’s Behavioral Economics program supports research that incorporates the insights of psychology and other social sciences into the study of economic behavior. Launched jointly with the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation in 1986, the program was instrumental in the development of this new interdisciplinary field. The Foundation supports the Behavioral Economics Roundtable, a consortium of leading researchers which provides a small grants program for exploratory research, a two-week summer workshop for younger scholars, research grants, and a book series for major works in behavioral economics. For Funding Decision in February 2016: Deadline to submit inquiries is September 14, 2015. Invited Proposal Deadline is November 13, 2015.


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