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New Video – Appalachian Water Kiosk Update

UT students helped to design and build a new water kiosk in Clay County, Kentucky.  The kiosk, located adjacent to parking for the Community Store at Red Bird Mission, will serve community residents needing clean, drinkable water. This project is a collaborative effort of several public, private and church partners.


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image2UT Students, Faculty to Build Water Kiosk in Appalachia during Spring Break

“We’re excited about the kiosk. It’s going to be a great addition to the area because there’s nothing like it now,” said John McRae, an architecture professor and one of the project’s leaders. “We see it as a prototype for other locations in the region that might have similar problems.”  Currently, many Clay County residents get their water from contaminated wells and streams. The kiosk could potentially serve about 9,000 families, McRae said. More>>


Cropped AppalachiaServing and Learning in Appalachia

“I am humbled and grateful to UT for choosing to work  with Red Bird Mission and the Clay County community, for seeing the strength and worth in our people, and believing they can work with us to empower us to bring sustainable positive change… UT’s team of professionals and students give all of themselves, offering up their unique skills and knowledge, and honor our community through their respectful, compassionate engagement.” More>>


The Appalachian Community Health and Disaster Readiness Project was nominated as a Partnership that Makes a Difference. Click here to read more.