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Political Science Researcher Builds Upon Assets of Rural County

Calhoun County, West Virginia is looking to the skies for a plan that could bring a unique kind of tourism into the isolated rural county.


Spruce Knob-Seneca Rocks Nat’l Recreation Area. Retrieved from Flickr. Photo courtesy of Blake.

“We learned it’s actually one of the darkest spots in the eastern part of the United States, which is pretty cool,” said UT’s Tim Ezzell, research scientist in Political Science. “We’re trying to build on that asset and explore some ideas with some folks to do some development up there based on and around night sky recreation.”

County commissioner Bob Weaver agrees. “We think it’s a great opportunity for the county,” Weaver said. “We are among the smallest counties in West Virginia and we rarely have the funds to develop things on our own in terms of public projects. We view this as a real opportunity to maybe do something.”

This project has received media attention from Charleston Daily Mail and West Virginia Public Broadcasting.