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Community Engagement Incentive Grant: David Patterson (2010)

Study of Housing First Outcomes for Formerly Homeless Individuals

David Patterson

Project: a pilot study to examine mental health symptoms, substance use, quality of life, readiness to change, employment, and education outcomes of formerly homeless individuals placed in a Housing First model of Permanent Supportive Housing in Knoxville, TN.

Overseen by the UT College of Social Work’s Housing and Urban Development-funded Knoxville Homeless Information System (KnoxHMIS), and in partnership with the Volunteer Ministry Center (VMC).

With the results from the study, staff at VMC will be able to address community concerns regarding the efficacy and outcomes of housing for formerly homeless individuals.

HUD has identified the triangle of participant users that benefit from the HMIS systems.

For individuals experiencing homelessness, the project guide program development and affordable housing policy formation in the future.

For KnoxHMIS and the University of Tennessee, this university/community partnership has afforded the opportunity to research the emergent trend of Housing First and permanent supportive housing, and provides pilot data for future funding.

KnoxHMIS plans to continue the study at VMC’s Minvilla Manor. The study will also be expanded to include the outcomes of Flenniken Landing, a new permanent supportive housing facility set to open in December 2012.